Guide to Building a Natural Farmer Network

What is natural/organic farming and why is it important?

Organic farming is a method of production that avoids or limits the use of synthetically compounded fertilisers, herbicides, growth regulators, genetically modified organisms, and cattle food products. Crop rotations, the use of crop residues, animal manures, legumes, green manures, off farm organic wastes, biofertilizers, mechanical cultivation, mineral-bearing rocks,
and aspects of biological control are used to the greatest extent possible to maintain fertility and soil structure, supply organic material, and regulate insect, weeds, and some other pests.

If local farm households organise collectively in productivity, accreditation, and advertising, organic methods can boost farm productivity, repair decades of environmental harm, and bind small farm families into more sustainable distribution networks, leading to increased food security.

What is the Natural Farmer Network?

We are a group of farmers who have bonded together to advocate for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly style of farming. We come from a variety of experiences, both large and small, natural and traditional, and are enthusiastic about keeping our land fertile and teeming with animals. We believe you will assist us in demonstrating that farming and environment can coexist.

We also aim to excite the people about a vision in which farmers and environment coexist. We think that by collaborating, we can educate more, motivate more individuals, and make a larger impact. We hope you’ll decide to join us and endorse our agenda.

Why is there a growing need to build a natural farmer network?

A natural farmer network strengthens the hard work by the farmers who use natural methods of agriculture to provide the best quality of produce to the customer. Since natural method of agriculture can be implemented on a limited scale, Anantha Naturals created the natural farmers’ network to strengthen the work.

What are the goals of Natural Farmer Network?

Our network will foster a robust community that will give a powerful voice for regenerative, environmentally sustainable farming.

● We think that agriculture must be lucrative and sustainable, and that farmers should be compensated adequately for engaging in environmentally friendly activities.
● We are dedicated to demonstrating to the general public what farmers can do to aid animals, the environment, and the climate while still providing a bountiful supply of high-quality products.
● We will work to develop markets for environmentally friendly farming goods.
● We will promote openness in food supply chains so that people may make educated sustainable food decisions.
● We will illustrate to decision makers the need of environmentally responsible farming in order to gain support from government and the supply chain.
● We are dedicated to ensuring farming policies that promote wildlife, sustainable agriculture, and farmer equity.
● We will work to end harmful policies and practises in order to secure the numerous benefits of environmentally friendly farming. We will establish a knowledge base, share research, and provide advice, assistance, and mentoring. We will investigate effective and beneficial methods of achieving agronomic, environmental, and social advantages while preserving valued aspects of custom.

A stronger organisational network will help organisations strengthen and expand their ability to better serve their local organic farmer-members and to increase grassroots policy participation to participate in the domestic ethical farmer voice.

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