Castor Oil 200g


Cold-pressed castor oil is made by first compressing castor seeds without using any warmth or pesticides. The herbal qualities and medicinal advantages of castor oil are not affected throughout the distillation process, making it the purest form of oil.


Fatty Acids; Can Kill Harmful Microorganisms; Can Protect Your Skin, Hair and Dental Health

Remedy for

Alzheimer, Dental, Cholesterol

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Cold-pressed oil has no suspended particles and is obtained in the most sanitary conditions.
This natural cold-pressed castor oil offers several benefits and will allow you to discard all of your other cosmetic and wellness formulae.
1. Helps with constipation
2. Assists in labour
3. Smoothens aged skin
4. Helps to treat acne and scars
5. Stronger hair and smoother skin


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