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Wheat is one of the most versatile grains when it comes to nutritional value and health. It can be found all over the world and is very easy to incorporate in your daily diet. It has a ton of health benefits such as controlling obesity, improving the metabolism in your body, preventing type 2 diabetes, reducing chronic inflammation, preventing gallstones, preventing breast cancer, promoting gastrointestinal health in women.
Health Benefits of Wheat
  • Provide energy: Your body breaks down the starches and sugars into glucose (blood sugar). …
  • Help control your weight: The fiber found in many carbohydrates helps you feel full.
  • Protect against some diseases: Whole grains can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Our wheat flours are made from whole wheat. Wheat is the most common cereal grain, which comes from a type of grass (Triticum). It forms the staple diet of the Northern part of India. It has multiple essential nutrients, such as protein, dietary fiber, manganese, phosphorus and niacin. Consuming wheat controls obesity, increases energy, prevents metabolic disorders, helps manage diabetes and gut health, prevents gallstones and relieves postmenopausal symptoms. Wheat flour is commonly used to make chapatis, phulkas, parathas, puries wheat dosas, wheat idlis, wheat halwa and savouries like wheat murukku.


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