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  • Traditionally Preserved: Made using vegetables and fruits preserved in a brine solution through fermentation, a natural process that creates beneficial bacteria.

  • Rich in Probiotics: The fermentation process promotes the growth of probiotics, gut-friendly bacteria that contribute to digestive health.

  • Tangy & Flavorful: Offers a tangy and flavorful profile compared to commercially produced pickles that might rely on vinegar.

  • Preservative Power: Fermentation extends shelf life and preserves nutrients in vegetables and fruits.

  • Source of Vitamins: Can be a good source of vitamins, depending on the vegetables or fruits used.

  • No Artificial Ingredients: Free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors typically found in commercially produced pickles.

Tamarind pickel 500gms
₹125.00 - ₹250.00
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